Conservative Writer Lashes Out Against “Trans People Are Sacred” Billboard July 23, 2019

Conservative Writer Lashes Out Against “Trans People Are Sacred” Billboard

A billboard that recently went up in Detroit puts forth a bold, yet controversial, statement: “Trans people are sacred.”

The billboard, designed by nonbinary trans artist Jonah Welch, couldn’t come at a better time given the frequent attacks against trans people by the government.

Even Christians who believe it’s a sin — or a lie — to be transgender shouldn’t really be able to find fault with the claim that humans are sacred to God. After all, God made them in His image, right?

It didn’t take long for conservative writer Scott Greer — a self-described “white guy on Twitter” (naturally) — to find something controversial about it:

That’s… definitely not even close to what the sign says. And plenty of other Twitter users were glad to point that out:

For all the ugliness in the world, Twitter occasionally reminds us that there are some decent people still out there.

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