NE Woman Demands Spiderman Sculpture Come Down Because She Thinks It’s the Devil July 18, 2019

NE Woman Demands Spiderman Sculpture Come Down Because She Thinks It’s the Devil

A couple of months ago, artist Ian Anthony Laing created this nifty sculpture of Spiderman’s hands close to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Nebraska. Looks awesome. It’s one of those public works of art everyone like to take pictures in front of.

The project was one of dozens of works of art placed around the city as part of the “Serving Hands Lincoln” program.

But this week, a woman wrote a nasty letter to the mayor demanding the sculpture be taken down because it reminds her of… not Spiderman.

“It is a sculpture of two hands open, painted Red & Black, and formed into Devil Horns,” she wrote in an email Friday, calling the art anti-Christian, demonic, and completely inappropriate for showcase near a family attraction.

She demanded the city move the 6-foot Spiderman sculpture because it’s ugly, perverse and a “hate crime against the church.”

C’mon now. Spiderman helps people. If the lady’s concern is getting rid of things that aren’t family friendly and that promote perversion, then the local churches need to go well before the sculpture does.

It’s obvious the unnamed woman has no clue who Spiderman is. That wouldn’t be an issue, except her gut reaction was to perceive the sculpture as anti-Christian. Because when you’re brainwashed by fundamentalist faith, everything you don’t understand looks like the devil.

In this case, city ombudsman Lin Quenzer told the unnamed woman that these weren’t devil horns and that the art wouldn’t be removed for that reason.

Spiderman wins again.

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