Dave Daubenmire Trashes Muslims in Politics: “Multiculturalism is Cultural AIDS” July 18, 2019

Dave Daubenmire Trashes Muslims in Politics: “Multiculturalism is Cultural AIDS”

Christian Right activist Dave Daubenmire, last seen saying masturbation is gay, said on his “Pass the Salt Live” webcast yesterday that Muslims (like Rep. Ilhan Omar) should be banned from holding elected office in the country because “multiculturalism is cultural AIDS.”

There should be no Muslims in office in America! No Muslims in office in America! That’s the way that it was set up. Multiculturalism is cultural AIDS!… And if you can’t open your eyes — I saw Christians criticizing what Donald Trump said to those girls yesterday — You don’t like the country, leave it! — I saw Christians — again, evan-jellyfish Christians — talk about how harsh Donald Trump was when, in fact, he was merely pushing back against evil!

He’s right. When Barack Obama was president, and all those evangelical Christians were talking about the hellscape that is America, they all left the country and went back to their homelands. We really owe them the same courtesy…

That, or Daubenmire is talking out of his ass.

At least he would be if he didn’t think that was gay, too.

Why is it always the people who claim to love the Constitution who disregard it whenever it becomes politically convenient?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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