Pastor: Unless We Ban Abortion, God Will Punish America With Tsunamis July 16, 2019

Pastor: Unless We Ban Abortion, God Will Punish America With Tsunamis

Blaming bad weather on laws permitting abortion is a cliché of the Christian Right at this point, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

This time, it’s Pastor Perry Stone, who said at a “Prophetic Summit” in Tennessee earlier this year that America would be struck by a tsunami for allowing abortions:

“I am here to announce to you that unless there is true repentance, unless the corporations in America quit supporting pro-abortion mills, unless the American people and their politicians begin to understand that life is sacred from the beginning,” he warned, “we will experience a judgment of water in the United States of America.

At some point in the near future, entire cities will be flooded due to climate change. No doubt Stone will be sitting in a rocking chair somewhere, murmuring to himself, “Nailed it, Perry.”

More broadly speaking, though, I will never understand why the Christian “pro life” side routine claims the country will be punished for allowing abortion but not for denying affordable healthcare. Or for putting kids in cages. Or for allowing our veterans to be homeless. There are any number of grave national “sins” they could use as justification for God’s wrath.

People like Stone don’t want to address the fact that our poverty problem is one of the leading causes of abortion. Maybe because that would require admitting liberals (including godless ones) have a point.

This isn’t even the first time Stone has been glaringly wrong about something obvious. Last year, he told televangelist Jim Bakker that the solution to gun violence was more prayer.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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