This Protester Outside a TX Atheist Group’s Event Needs to Rethink His Sign July 15, 2019

This Protester Outside a TX Atheist Group’s Event Needs to Rethink His Sign

Remember those “In No God We Trust” banners in Fort Worth, Texas that went up and were quickly vandalized by Christians?

Those were promoting an educational seminar meant to teach the public about why we need a new motto (“E Pluribus Unum”) and how Christian Nationalism is a scourge that needs to be fought (i.e. Project Blitz).

That seminar finally took place yesterday afternoon and it drew a giant crowd of roughly 200 people.

Thanks, Christians!

As you might expect, there were protesters, too. This may be the best sign ever because of its questionable wording:

There are no atheists in Hell.

I’m sure he means that when we’re finally dead and facing eternity with Satan, we’ll have to admit we were wrong… but I’d be more inclined to thank him for acknowledging the obvious.

As I said before, I doubt there will be any traction on the motto issue, but if the seminar helps people in Texas realize the problems with using Christianity as a guidebook for government, that’s a huge benefit to the public.

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