Christian Supremacist Falsely Claims Muslim Event Will “Rewrite” Our History July 15, 2019

Christian Supremacist Falsely Claims Muslim Event Will “Rewrite” Our History

The National Association of Christian Lawmakers, founded by Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert, promotes Christian Supremacy and a form of revisionist history in which our Founding Fathers wanted nothing more than to infuse Christianity in everything they did. It’s all a lie, but what else would you expect from a guy who thinks putting a Ten Commandments monument outside the State Capitol while excluding other displays is perfectly legal?

Yesterday, Rapert attempted to justify his group’s existence in the most Republican way imaginable: He pointed to a gathering of Muslims, frantically waving his hands everywhere, hoping to instill fear in everyone else.

You ask why we have need for a National Association of Christian Lawmakers? If we don’t remember the historical reasons for the Judeo-Christian founding of our nation, there are other groups like the one mentioned below who are willing and ready to change the meaning of our great nation and rewrite the history of our great country. They seek to change the future of our nation. The real question is why are we just now forming the NACL?

The article he links to was written by a white nationalist/conspiracy theorist who has long equated all Muslims with terrorists.

In any case, the Muslim Collective for Equitable Democracy very openly says its goal with this event is to help Muslim Americans become engaged with politics. They’re doing it for the same reason I’ve personally seen atheists hold events like this: Because there are issues specific to your interests that require further discussion. Because you need to learn how to get politicians on your sides. Because you need to learn how to run for office even at lower levels of government. Because sometimes the only way to attain equality is by demanding it at the national level.

The speakers include Muslim lawmakers (past and present), Gold Star father Khizr Khan (who is a constant source of inspiration and patriotism), and representatives from other progressive movements who know how to fight politically.

In short, this is the sort of event that’s perfectly normal, especially in times like these. It’s a way for a specific group of people to band together in the face of bigotry and racism and give them the tools needed to push back via the traditional mechanisms of the government.

There’s nothing weird about it. Conservatives do it, too.

And yet Rapert’s group insists that this event is some radical attempt by Muslims to “change the meaning of our great nation” and “rewrite the history” of it.

That’s a Christian lie.

They don’t want to change the meaning of the country. They want to participate in it. They don’t want to rewrite history. They’re a part of that history.

The framing that Rapert offers is one everyone should be familiar with: His brand of Christianity seeks special treatment and constant privilege. When another group asks for equality, it’s a genuine threat to his worldview, and he responds by pretending they want what he has.

Think of it like the current gerrymandering debate. Republicans, by and large, support gerrymandering since it gives them an unearned political advantage. Democrats, by and large, oppose it because they want fairness in elections. Yet the biggest fear conservatives have — and the one the continuously spread through their media — is that Democrats will one day use GOP tactics against them.

If the Muslims in this organization were ever attempting to do what Rapert is doing, maybe he’d have a right to be worried. They’re not. He’s just stoking fear among his racist, ignorant, Christian followers.

He doesn’t give a damn that he’s lying. Why would he? He’s a conservative Christian; their entire movement is based on telling each other lies until they actively believe them.

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