Christian Critics Condemn Avril Lavigne for Loving the “Devil” in Latest Single July 15, 2019

Christian Critics Condemn Avril Lavigne for Loving the “Devil” in Latest Single

The people who loved Avril Lavigne‘s religious single “Head Above Water” aren’t too pleased with another song from that same album — one in which she claims she fell in love with “the devil.

Anyone remotely familiar with Lavigne can probably guess that “the devil” isn’t actually Satan, but rather an ex-boyfriend. Try telling that to her critics, who can’t be bothered to read the lyrics first.

It’s been nearly two weeks since Avril Lavigne released her latest single, I Fell in Love With the Devil, and now, after posting a couple of images to promote the track, the Canadian singer is receiving backlash from some of her Christian fans about the meaning behind it.

“I’ve been a fan since you came out,” wrote one former fan. “This is a turn-off. Get your soul right with Jesus,” they continued, “[the] only one who can save you, yet you hold his cross and blaspheme his name? I pray for your salvation.”

“You need Jesus,” wrote another disappointed Instagram user. “What was up with the last single, Head Above Water? God saved you and blessed you with another opportunity to choose. Now you have this crap?” they asked in conclusion. “Man, what a shame.”

If anything, they should be embracing her since, in the song, she asks to be saved.

Someone send me an angel
To lend me a halo
I fell in love with the Devil
Please, save me from this hell.

The religious getup and cleverly organized Instagram images of Lavigne holding a cross likely added fuel to the critics’ rage, but Lavigne has openly stated that the song is about a relationship she was in while battling Lyme disease.

You would think the Christian critics, who constantly debate various interpretations of Scripture, would understand when something was meant to be taken literally.

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