Here’s a Crash Course on the Vilest Christian Preacher in the Country July 14, 2019

Here’s a Crash Course on the Vilest Christian Preacher in the Country

Readers of this site are no doubt familiar with Christian hate-preacher Steven Anderson, the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist leader who takes pride in openly stating how he wants the government to kill gay people.

But if you’re unfamiliar, this video from Thomas Westbrook does a good job giving you a crash course in Anderson’s awfulness.

I would add that Westbrook skipped over a lot of Anderson’s misogyny and other forms of bigotry from the past decade — for good reason, obviously. No one can make videos that long. Also, it’s the anti-LGBTQ stuff that was on full display at the recent NIFB hate-conference in Florida. But viewers should know there’s a long history involving Anderson making horrific comments, and this is only one aspect of it.

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