Podcast Ep. 278: I Thought Christians Knew How Fiction Worked July 13, 2019

Podcast Ep. 278: I Thought Christians Knew How Fiction Worked

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— A Mississippi GOP gubernatorial candidate won’t allow a female reporter to shadow him. (0:47)

— A Christian school fired a professor for writing a novel with un-Christian characters. (9:09)

— A Virginia lawmaker says women who get raped are naïve for not carrying guns. (15:22)

— A Florida principal said the school couldn’t teach the Holocaust because he had to remain neutral. He’s out of a job now. (20:05)

— The “God Warrior” lady from Trading Spouses is now pro-LGBTQ. (30:34)

— In Texas, “In No God We Trust” banners were put up… and vandalized. (34:12)

— A Florida park adopted by Satanists was also vandalized. (38:01)

— Immunization rates in Australia are at a record high! (42:10)

— 67% of Republicans say burning the flag should result in a loss of citizenship. (43:53)

— In the UK, Christianity is less popular than ever. (47:19)

— The Catholic Church’s barrier to become a saint gets lower every time. (49:58)

— Teen boys who avoided parenthood through abortion? Your future is bright. (53:02)

— One Million Moms is very angry with two moms in Toy Story 4. (56:14)

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