Unaware of First Amendment, 67% of GOP Say Flag Burners Should Lose Citizenship July 12, 2019

Unaware of First Amendment, 67% of GOP Say Flag Burners Should Lose Citizenship

67% of Republicans say that people who burn the U.S. flag should be stripped of their citizenship, according to a new survey from YouGov.

The people who are obsessed with the Second Amendment have no clue there’s one that comes before it.

Sadly, 24% of Democrats said the same thing, but at least a majority of them (64%) understand that you don’t have to love speech in order to respect freedom of it. But still! A whole bunch of Americans think freedom of speech — even speech that is symbolic and not meant to harm other people — ought to have its limits.

The survey comes weeks after Donald Trump called for a ban on flag burning, contrary to American law and Supreme Court precedent.

As I said at the time, we should be far more disturbed by a president who dry humps the American flag while his administration locks kids in cages than a citizen who destroys the flag in the hopes of drawing attention to a particular problem.

The only things that should matter are the values the flag represents, not the piece of cloth itself. But this result is hardly surprising, given that the GOP has long prioritized symbols of patriotism over actual love of the country.

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