In Iranian Video, Woman in Fake Jewelry Store Learns Value of Full-Body Veil July 12, 2019

In Iranian Video, Woman in Fake Jewelry Store Learns Value of Full-Body Veil

In a video that’s apparently been endorsed by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps in Iran, a woman learns an important lesson about why she should cover up her entire body.

The narrator in this case is already wearing a head covering, but it still reveals her hair. She visits a jewelry store when she asks the vendor about a necklace that’s just sitting there: Is it real?

He tells her it’s not. After all, anything of actual value would be “hard to access.” (Wink wink nudge nudge.) She picks up on the hints… and is later seen wearing a full-body veil.

The clip ends with the first woman — now dressed in a chador — saying: “I realised I had to make a change. I understand the difference between fake and genuine jewellery.”

In Iran, the law requires women to wear modest “Islamic” clothing. In practice, this means women must wear a chador, a full-body cloak, or a headscarf and a manteau (overcoat) that covers their arms.

The BBC notes that reactions to the video are mixed, with plenty of women insisting that their self-worth isn’t tied to how much of their body can be seen in public. But remember that the pressure for women in Iran to be fully covered is incredibly strong.

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(Thanks to Som for the link)

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