Christian “Prophet”: Baal’s Sending a Storm to Louisiana to Punish Georgia July 12, 2019

Christian “Prophet”: Baal’s Sending a Storm to Louisiana to Punish Georgia

Christian conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor said on the “Up Front In The Prophetic” radio show this week that the tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico — set to hit New Orleans — is just the Devil’s way of punishing Georgia for passing an anti-abortion heartbeat bill.

And if you think that sounds batshit insane, just wait until you hear Taylor explain it.

“That’s the first thing that comes to mind,” he said, “because when Roe v. Wade comes down, where is [the issue] going to go? It is going to go to the states. And you have states out there like Georgia — and there are a couple of others out there — that have gone as far as making this stuff illegal for abortion. You’ve got to remember, what is abortion? The sacrificing of kids. What does that sacrifice do? Abortion is the food source for Baal; Baal being the strongman over America. That’s what empowers Baal. You’re taking Baal’s food source and he’s not liking it, so this is retaliation from the enemy that I would say is from that heartbeat bill.

Why Baal would strike Louisiana for something Georgia did, I have no clue. Those states aren’t even that close. But a storm must be punishment for something… at least when you reject climate change and think the weather is always part of some spiritual plan.

You would think God would send a bright, sunny day to reward Louisiana for what Georgia did, offsetting the storm, but maybe I just don’t understand His Mysterious Ways.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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