Right-Wing Commentator: Trump’s July 4 Speech Caused the California Earthquakes July 10, 2019

Right-Wing Commentator: Trump’s July 4 Speech Caused the California Earthquakes

Speaking on his The Mc Files show Monday night, right-wing host Chris McDonald claimed the California earthquakes, flooding in Washington, D.C., and the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein all occurred because of Donald Trump‘s Fourth of July speech.


“Something shifted in the spirit realm on Thursday, on July the 4th,” McDonald said. “Our president shook the heavenlies with that speech. Something shifted over D.C.and two earthquakes, a flood now in D.C., and this Epstein thing; something is astir in the heavenlies over this nation right now.”

How dumb would you have to be to believe that?

As dumb as “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, who not only agreed with McDonald but added that the sentencing of drug kingpin El Chapo would also help destroy “most of D.C.”

“This is not a coincidence that all of this stuff is happening at the same time,” Taylor said. “We now have flooding in Washington, D.C., so what is God trying to say to us right here, prophetically? God is saying, ‘Look, the storm is upon us. It’s here right now.’ And so the flooding is taking place, the old is being washed away and the new is being ushered in. There is a cleansing that is taking place in Washington, D.C., right now.”

These people are perfectly willing to make up their own conspiracies to explain what’s happening in the world, but they reject science, ignore the cruelty and devastation of the Trump administration, and refuse to consider the idea that coincidence may actually explain some of this.

Yet many Christians still take them seriously.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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