GOP Candidate Said Undermining LGBTQ Rights Was Like Saving Jews in WWII July 10, 2019

GOP Candidate Said Undermining LGBTQ Rights Was Like Saving Jews in WWII

This September, North Carolina Republican State Sen. Dan Bishop (below) will run in a special election for the U.S. House against Democrat Dan McCready. (This is the election in which a GOP operative was indicted on charges of election fraud.)

Bishop is hardly a better replacement, though. According to the liberal website Real Facts NC, which obtained a series of emails sent by Bishop via a public records request, Bishop compared his efforts to block LGBTQ rights to Oskar Schindler, the German man who saved Jews during World War II.

The issue at hand involved the (misnamed) repeal of HB 2, the state’s infamous “bathroom bill” that discriminated against transgender people. Under the “repeal,” cities were blocked from instituting any non-discrimination ordinances.

Bishop, with the help of conservative Christian attorneys, was trying to figure out how to inflict further pain against LGBTQ people, and he suggested a “conscience clause” that would put a religious exemption into the law. That would allow Christian bakers (and the like) to discriminate against some customers.

But who would that exemption apply to? asked one Christian attorney. Just “creative professionals” like bakers and florists?

Responded Bishop: “As Oscar Schindler said, as many as we can.”

Republicans: They can’t stand it when you compare them to Nazis, but they’re first in line to invoke WWII heroes when talking about themselves…

The revelation that Bishop used a Holocaust analogy to characterize his advocacy against LGBTQ rights is likely to aid Democratic efforts to pick off suburban voters who tend to be more liberal on such issues.

It’s unclear if this will shift the polling, which currently has Bishop in front by a thin margin, but McCready’s team better make the most of this. The special election is September 10.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Scott for the link)

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