Answers in Genesis Is Now Fully Running Its Own Creationism-Preaching School July 9, 2019

Answers in Genesis Is Now Fully Running Its Own Creationism-Preaching School

In 2017, Creationist Ken Ham announced that Answers in Genesis would partner with Florence Baptist Church in Kentucky to open up a private Christian school called Twelve Stones Christian Academy, named after a Bible passage in which Joshua leads Israelites to the Promised Land.

The goal was to brain wash the kids as early as possible into thinking “biblically” — i.e. not critically — while creating a link between the school and AiG’s attractions. Why teach kids how to think when you can just show them what to think? (Every family with a child enrolled in the school received a one-year pass to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter! Yippee!)

The plan is for the school, which has only 50 students, to eventually house grades K-12, though it began as a K-7 school and has now bumped up to K-9. The school’s Statement of Faith is longer than the list of actually useful things they teach. It also has no actual accreditation, which means a diploma from the school is as useful as sending toilet paper to a potential college. (Ham says he hopes to achieve some sort of accreditation before the first group of kids graduate, which is quite a big risk for those kids and their parents…)

Well, after two years of hurting kids’ minds, AiG has now announced that their partnership is ending… because they’re taking over the entire damn school. While it’ll be housed at nearby Erlanger Baptist Church, AiG will be running all aspects of it, which isn’t much of a change from what was happening before, though there’s now even less oversight from anyone not affiliated with AiG.

Ken Ham, AiG CEO and co-founder, declared: “As a former teacher in Australia, I’m thrilled to help grow Twelve Stones, now that it’s under the umbrella of Answers in Genesis. Only a handful of Christian schools operate in Northern Kentucky, and TSCA was launched to provide another Christian education opportunity.

Ham has spent much of his career denouncing Christian schools that waver on Young Earth Creationism, so this is his opportunity to control a school and dictate what kids hear all the way through.

Those kids will make for an amazing science experiment one day, when researchers are trying to understand what happens when otherwise fine students receive years of a subpar education. There will be books written about them! Just not ones these kids will be allowed to read.

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