“Straight Pride” Organizers Call Authorities Over Envelopes Full of… Glitter July 7, 2019

“Straight Pride” Organizers Call Authorities Over Envelopes Full of… Glitter

When the organizers of Boston’s upcoming “Straight Pride” event received a package containing a “suspicious substance,” they contacted law enforcement immediately.

Far from anthrax, however, the “granular” substance turned out to be… glitter.

Now members of the self-proclaimed “oppressed majority” are crying over the “violence” they’ve endured at the hands of the Glitterati.

The straight-pride group is question is the purposely misnamed “Super Happy Fun America,” made up of the sort of people who wonder with complete sincerity when “White History Month” takes place.

The sender or senders of the glitter parcels remains unknown. The envelopes were sent without return addresses, and the contents confirmed as glitter by law enforcement

… Super Happy Fun America members insist that they’re expressing their “sincerely held belief” that straight people are an “oppressed majority”.

Just because it’s sincerely held doesn’t mean it deserves respect. Mockery and humiliation are perfectly fine ways to strike back against faux-pression. Other anti-gay public figures, such as Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney, have also received “glitter bombs” over the years.

In any case, a fistful of glitter is nothing compared to the actual harm conservatives regularly inflict upon LGBTQ people. If these straight-pridesters are frustrated by tiny rainbow colors, imagine how angry they’d be if their civil rights were subject to the whims of other people.

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