“Professionally Incompetent” Chiropractor Owes $100,000 For Anti-Vaxxer Posts July 7, 2019

“Professionally Incompetent” Chiropractor Owes $100,000 For Anti-Vaxxer Posts

A disgraced chiropractic who spreads anti-vaccination propaganda online has been ordered to pay $100,000 to her regulatory agency in order to settle charges of professional misconduct.

Dena Churchill, a professional liar from Halifax, Nova Scotia, officially relinquished her license in March, admitting she was “professionally incompetent.” That’s because she was caught promoting anti-vaxxer nonsense online, further harming anyone who took her seriously.

More broadly, she was punished for posting opinions about medical issues that she had no expertise in, violating her profession’s ethical guidelines.

At the time, the settlement said she couldn’t reapply for a license unless she provided “a qualified medical opinion to the college’s satisfaction that she is competent and fit to practise.” The settlement also included a $6,000 payment to the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors.

It’s a little strange for the school to say she’s ruining the reputation of chiropractors when the profession itself is a joke. It was downright comical to see one group of bullshitters punish a fellow bullshitter for promoting the wrong kind of bullshit.

But Churchill didn’t stop there. Unbound by professional obligations, she continued spreading pro-plague propaganda on social media. That’s why a hearing committee says she owes them even more now.

“Dr. Churchill’s conduct brought the profession of chiropractic into disrepute,” the hearing committee writes in its decision.

The decision noted that at no point has Churchill backed down from her views and that, prior to what has been “a protracted matter,” she was given multiple opportunities to remove the social media posts in question.

“This entire matter could have been avoided if Dr. Churchill deleted offending posts from her social media account. She refused.”

Not only did she refuse, the stuff she’s posting is getting more insane. Last night, she promoted the conspiracy website InfoWars and her profile describes her as an “Innovator in Women’s Health & Wellness”… which is a weird euphemism for buffoon.

She has ten years to pay the $100,000.

When you’re so incompetent that chiropractics come out looking like the good guys, you know you’ve seriously messed up in life. Here’s hoping Churchill’s reputation is damaged enough at this point that no one will ever take her seriously.

(Image via Facebook. Large portions of this article were published earlier)

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