Satanists Have “Adopted” a Park in Pensacola, FL and Promise To Keep It Clean July 5, 2019

Satanists Have “Adopted” a Park in Pensacola, FL and Promise To Keep It Clean

Satanists in West Florida have “adopted” a local park in order to keep it clean — because that’s how they roll — and the city has finally put up a sign acknowledging their contribution.

Here’s what you’ll see if you visit Hitzman-Optimist Park on Langley Ave. in Pensacola:

Looks fantastic. As with all groups that “adopt” a park, the Satanists have agreed to clean up the park at least four times a year for the next two years.

David Suhor of the West Florida chapter of The Satanic Temple tells me the group was actually trying to adopt Bayview Park about 10 minutes away. That’s the park with the Giant Christian Cross whose fate is currently up in the air.

The Satanists loved the irony of being able to clean that particular area. They were even told the park was theirs… until the non-profit that runs the program, Keep Pensacola Beautiful, said Bayview was no longer on their list because a local community center had the ability to clean the park themselves. Too bad. It would’ve been hilarious.

In any case, this sign in Optimist Park went up eight weeks after the Satanists first adopted it. But it’s there now — a reminder for all visitors that cleanliness isn’t next to godliness at all.

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