Baptist Hate-Preacher: Radical Muslims Get It Right When They Murder Gay People July 1, 2019

Baptist Hate-Preacher: Radical Muslims Get It Right When They Murder Gay People

Pastor Jason D. Robinson is the head of Mountain Baptist Church in West Virginia. It’s one of those New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist cults where every other sermon is about how LGBTQ people should be executed by the government because that’s what the Bible teaches.

Yesterday’s sermon was no exception. He even prefaced it by saying, “Maybe I’ll be taken down from YouTube for this, but I don’t really care.” (Which is always a promising start for a hate-preacher.) The first time he even mentions gay people, he refers to them as a “bunch of pedophiles, molesting children. They should be put to death — is what the Bible teaches.”

But what really caught my attention was his praise for Islamic Sharia Law for getting it right on the issue of homosexuality, where gay men have been thrown off rooftops by Islamic radicals. (“A broken clock is right twice a day,” says Robinson.)

… Yeah, when they’re talking about killing homos, and they throw homos off a building, listen, the Bible says “stoned”… but, you know, you can get creative on how you do the death penalty, I guess

When the Bible says that, it says to hang them… but [critics are] like, “Oh, they’re for Sharia Law!” “Islam’s wicked!” No, that’s the Bible! And you better be careful on what you’re condemning when you’re against Islam. Now, I’m against Islam six ways to Sunday, okay? It’s a wicked religion and it was started by a pedophile. So yeah, I’m against Islam. It’s a wicked religion. But I’m not gonna be against Islam when they’re actually doing something the Bible teaches

His only critique of what radical Muslims do is that they don’t have enough proof that someone’s gay. They murder them based on accusations. Robinson says you need witnesses! But don’t worry, he adds. With all the gay weddings going on, there are dozens of witnesses. So the government would have no problem finding legitimate people to execute.

It’s more humane that way, he implies, because even if a few gays are let off the hook, “it’s better than putting someone to death that didn’t deserve it.”

See? These are compassionate Christian domestic terrorists! How dare we say otherwise.

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