In This Video, an Anti-Gay Christian Debates Homosexuality With His Reflection June 27, 2019

In This Video, an Anti-Gay Christian Debates Homosexuality With His Reflection

In a month when New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist preachers held a conference to talk about why LGBTQ people should be executed by the government, and hate crimes against LGBTQ people appear to be on the rise, you have to wonder how conservative Christians manage to find so much hate in their holy book.

In the latest video from DarkMatter2525, he goes a step further, showing an anti-gay Christian debating… his own reflection in the mirror.

When the Christian makes arguments against homosexuality, the reflection throws the logic right back at him. When the Christian cites the Bible, the reflection gives more context. It’s the conversation those conservatives never want to have outside their own echo chambers.

I’ll take issue with one thing: If that reflection is supposed to represent the conscience of those guys, I find it hard to believe. I don’t think they’re capable of that kind of introspection. The second they allow themselves to think critically and with some empathy, they would stop themselves immediately out of fear of angering their God.

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