Christian Writer: It’s Not Fair How LGBTQ People Get Recognized 163 Days a Year June 27, 2019

Christian Writer: It’s Not Fair How LGBTQ People Get Recognized 163 Days a Year

How many days a year do we spend celebrating LGBTQ people? (By “we,” I mean a small fraction of the country. By “celebrating,” I mean doing a little silent head nod and saying, “oh, that’s nice.”)

According to Jonathon Clay de Hale, writing for the Christian hate group Illinois Family Institute, the answer is 163 days minimum. He knows because he counted them all.

If you think 30 days of celebrating anal sex, leather bondage, gender confusion, self-mutilation, sadomasochism and other expressions of sexual anarchy might seem like more than enough, you’re wrong.

Huh. We’re clearly celebrating in different ways…

He arrives at the 163 number by listing every single gay day he can find online — including “Pulse Night of Remembrance,” “Aromantic Awareness Week,” “Intersex Awareness Day,” and “Transgender Awareness Week” — and then makes a case for equality.

Because LGBTQ people just have WAY TOO MUCH RECOGNITION while Christians like him get next to nothing.

Eleven million people have staked a claim to 45% of available days which seems, I don’t know, excessive. Imagine some version of the 10-member Glee Club appearing on every other page of the high school yearbook. For comparison, the nine largest world religions representing 5.5 billion people (or about 80 percent of the world’s population) observe 138 days combined. Christianity, the largest of the nine with 2.4 billion followers, only observes 12 days.

Here’s how dumb this guy is: He thinks every LGBTQ person celebrates every one of these days like they’re Muslims during Ramadan. They don’t. Even Pride Month doesn’t require anyone to do anything.

And yet because different members of a historically oppressed group try to draw attention to different identities, de Hale thinks they’re all somehow getting more recognition than they deserve. It never occurred to him that Christmas is a federal holiday while the government will still keep kids in school over “Aromantic Awareness Week.”

Those details don’t matter to him.

No group needs 163 days of recognition. It’s all propaganda, part of a master plan for the LGBTQ+ consortium to acquire more power, pressure society into approving sexual anarchy and, ultimately, to destroy the Church.

If Pan Visibility Day is enough to take down Christianity, then Christianity deserves to be taken down.

He even broke it down in a goddamn chart.

Jesus Christ, this guy is obsessed with pretending to be persecuted…

His entire article reads like a white guy complaining about Black History Month by saying, “It’s not fair they get an entire month while I get none!”

Every day is White People Day. Just like every day is Cis/Straight People Day. Just because it’s not on a calendar doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

It’s okay for other people to raise awareness for their own causes. It doesn’t hurt everyone else. And nobody is required to acknowledge the days. It’s nice if you do, but if you don’t, the Pride parades are still gonna happen without you.

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