Buy a Truck from This Dealer and He’ll Toss in a Flag. And a Bible. And a Gun. June 26, 2019

Buy a Truck from This Dealer and He’ll Toss in a Flag. And a Bible. And a Gun.

The Chatom Ford dealership in Alabama has a promotional offer that is right up everyone’s alley: Buy any car on their lot in July, and they’ll throw in a flag, a Bible, and a gun.

Though let’s be honest, there’s no way someone in Chatom, Alabama in the market for a new truck doesn’t have all those things already…

“GOD GUNS AND FREEDOM,” the dealership wrote on Facebook. “Celebrating July 4th from now until July 31, here at Chatom Ford!!! Every vehicle purchased new or pre-owned will come with a Bible, 12-gauge shot gun, and American flag!! This is a small gift to our valued customers and a opportunity for us to celebrate our independence.”

Of course, to qualify, you must be 18 or older, have valid ID, and can pass all background checks associated with owning a firearm in Alabama.

The entire ad is like a Jeff Foxworthy joke come to life.

The problem isn’t the giveaways, which are legal. It’s the implication that all those things go together — that freedom-loving, truck-buying Americans must want a Bible. Why wouldn’t they?!

That may be true for large swaths of Alabama, but this ad campaign suggests they’re not even going to bother reaching out to anyone who’s not Christian. It’s better for the dealership to run an ad suggesting non-Christians don’t love this country than trying to appeal to the masses.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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