These Pastors Are Way Too Excited About a Televangelist Preaching in New England June 25, 2019

These Pastors Are Way Too Excited About a Televangelist Preaching in New England

I have watched this clip several times and I can’t explain it. I need your help.

Here’s the setup: Pastor George Pearsons asks musician David Ellis about his upcoming preaching trip with televangelist Kenneth Copeland.

(Yes, that Kenneth Copeland, the one who flies on a private jet so he can avoid sitting next to people like you on a “long tube with a bunch of demons.” Copeland’s daughter is Terri Pearsons, who happens to be George’s wife.)

Ellis says it’s incredible watching Copeland preach to hundreds of thousands of people, and that if the upcoming rallies are anything like the ones Copeland just preached in places like New Hampshire — godless New Hampshire! — then the power of God is surely reaching everyone!

But he didn’t get to finish that thought. Because… something happened.

Ow. My ears. You can see the full clip around the 3:04:30 mark of the original sermon. I’m not taking it out of context.

If the celebration is the result of everyone getting very excited that Copeland had success reaching the godless in New England… they must be oblivious to the fact that Copeland is a walking, talking joke to the rest of the world.

This is what happens when you never venture outside your bubble. You get excited about things that aren’t actually happening.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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