Vandals, Citing Leviticus, Destroy Washington Church’s Pride Display June 20, 2019

Vandals, Citing Leviticus, Destroy Washington Church’s Pride Display

Police in Washington are looking into an attempted arson attack on a Pride display at United Christian Church in Renton.

The church’s display included six doors of different colors, each with a word that spelled out, “God’s doors are open to all.” One of those doors was ripped open and the display was nearly set on fire. Explosives were also attached to the display, which means the FBI is also getting involved.

One of the doors has “Leviticus 20:13” written on it, which is the verse some pastors say calls for the death of active homosexuals.

If this was an attack perpetuated by Christians, then, it’s not exactly the best way to perpetuate the narrative that the LGBTQ community is persecuting Christians in America. Nor does it fall under any definition of “Christian love.”

It makes you wonder what the vandals are so afraid of that they can’t even handle displays of inclusion…

This is actually the second round of damage done to the display this week.

The morning of Monday, June 17, staff came to the church to find the last door that reads “All,” had not only a large rip in it, but some signs of an attempt to set it on fire.

Then on the morning of Wednesday, June 19, posts on social media showed more damage was done to two other doors at the display. The photos appeared to show “Leviticus” written on one door, damage and some sort of firecracker taped to the back of one of them, and a possible explosion on another.

The pastor of the church, Cynthia Meyer, reassured supporters on Facebook that “no people have been in danger and that we are surrounded by love, support, and offers of assistance from our neighborhood and across the country. We will keep loving and welcoming all the beautiful diversity of God’s beloved community!”

A community vigil will be held Friday night.

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