Parents Are Pulling Their Kids from a Christian Camp That Fired a Gay Counselor June 20, 2019

Parents Are Pulling Their Kids from a Christian Camp That Fired a Gay Counselor

Last week, we wrote about Jace Taylor, a teenager who was fired from his job as a counselor at a Christian summer camp called “The Firs” because he’s gay. That apparently violates the camp’s Faith Statement.

That decision to get rid of Taylor didn’t sit too well with some parents whose kids attend that camp, and they’re pulling their kids out as a way to protest the decision:

Mike Soltis, of Tsawwassen, Canada, said Thursday he made the decision to pull his daughter from the camp after he learned Taylor had been fired. It would have been his daughter’s fourth year attending the summer camp, Soltis said.

Soltis said he was heartbroken when he learned of Taylor’s firing.

“When we saw the post we just thought ‘Wow, we can’t support this through our money or through any affiliation until they deal with this,’” Soltis said.

“The hate has come at a cost to that young man,” Soltis said. “It’s time for us to start using our voices and picking up signs. We can’t just quietly love and support, we have to advocate for and use our pocketbooks to send messages. In times like this, change is built on the backs of people and it can be painful.”

He’s not alone. And some students who attended the camp are also saying that The Firs’ anti-LGBTQ beliefs have turned them off as well.

I feel like this has been said a lot recently, but it still holds true: Freedom of religion does not mean freedom from consequences. The camp administrators have every right to believe that homosexuality is a sin and act on it — and the families who have supported the camp up until now have every right to take their dollars elsewhere.

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