Mark Taylor: Hillary Clinton Would’ve Turned Churches Into Satanic Temples June 19, 2019

Mark Taylor: Hillary Clinton Would’ve Turned Churches Into Satanic Temples

“Firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, the subject of the Liberty University-connected film The Trump Prophecy, said on the Daily Renegade show recently that, had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election, Christians would have been round up and put in FEMA “camps.” At least when she wasn’t busy turning their churches into mosques or Satanic temples.

He’s obviously confusing the Christian Persecution narrative with the reality of refugee children whom white evangelicals don’t give a damn about.

“If Hillary would have got in, they were going to come to the churches and say, ‘You’re going to preach transgender and homosexuality from the pulpit, and if you don’t, we’re going to shut you down,” Taylor claimed. “And they were going to shut them down and turn them into a mosque or a satanic temple.

“At the time,” he added, “they were going to have people on this list — this FEMA list, the clergy response team — when a natural disaster happened — a hurricane, an earthquake, whatever — they were designed to get their congregation under control, take away their guns, and usher them to a FEMA camp.”

“To me, that is treason on an order that is just unbelievable,” Taylor said. “The person you trust the most, your pastor from the pulpit, was actually working against you, had signed on with FEMA waiting for this disaster to happen and when it happened, they were going to lead the FBI to you … They were going to come to your house, talk you in to giving up your guns and submit to civil authority and usher you themselves into a FEMA camp.

Alright, which one of you told him The Plans…?

Taylor is clearly promoting some right-wing conspiracy theory again, just as he did last month when complaining about “Satan’s chemtrails.”

No progressive group is advocating for the government to tell churches how they can be run. When we say we support church/state separation, that goes both ways. We certainly aren’t trying to round up people for having a different opinion, turn churches into “Satanic” temples (which don’t actually exist the way he thinks they do), or imprison Christians.

If we really wanted to do that, Taylor should explain why we avoided it through 8 years under President Obama.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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