These Conservative Christians Can’t Handle a Lesbian Couple on “My Little Pony” June 14, 2019

These Conservative Christians Can’t Handle a Lesbian Couple on “My Little Pony”

Conservative Christians who just can’t get too worked up over refugee children kept in cages are infuriated that two animated magical ponies are in a same-sex relationship.

Coming just weeks after an ancillary character on the cartoon Arthur had a gay wedding, two characters on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic have been revealed as lesbians. Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty are the caretakers of Scootaloo (a more prominent character) and haven’t been shown in the series at all in its nine-year run… until now. Even in this new episode, their bond was so low-key that the people behind the show had to confirm online that, yes, they are dating.

Here’s Michael Vogel, a writer/producer for My Little Ponies:

The point is: This wasn’t even a big deal on the show. They weren’t advocating an agenda; they were simply suggesting the existence of gay people. And yet the Christian Outrage Machine is in high gear because My Little Pony is now too gay for their liking.

Because everyone knows My Little Pony never resonated with LGBTQ people until this very moment…

Australian bigot Lyle Shelton, who once said he opposes marriage equality because people might think he’s gay, said this episode of the children’s cartoon was an example of gay people “indoctrinating your children & your grandchildren,” and that two animated lesbian ponies was a reason more conservatives needed to get involved in politics.

The responses to that last tweet are just glorious.

One Million Moms (Twitter count: 3671) chimed in as well, though their action alert was obviously written before they learned about the episode, so they added in a description of it as an afterthought.

The episode is airing this weekend, so you can expect the outrage to grow as more white Christians insist that a brief glimpse of two cartoon ponies is all it takes to turn kids gay. To paraphrase Taimur Dar of the Beat, the real question is whether Alabama will yank this episode from the airwaves as they did with Arthur.

(Screenshot via MLP Wiki)

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