E.W. Jackson: “The Rainbow Flag Is No Different Than the Confederate Flag” June 12, 2019

E.W. Jackson: “The Rainbow Flag Is No Different Than the Confederate Flag”

E.W. Jackson, the radio host and failed U.S. Senate candidate who recently said Pete Buttigieg wants to turn the nation into a “homocracy,” is now saying rainbow flags as as despicable as Confederate flags and need to be burned accordingly.

He made the comments on his “The Awakening” radio program this week:

… “I don’t want the gay flag being flown at our embassies any more than I want the Confederate flag being flown at our embassies. And there is a very simple reason: It does not represent the United States of America … As far as I am concerned, the rainbow flag is no different than the Confederate flag. That’s right, I said it and I mean it. The rainbow flag is no different than the Confederate flag in that sense. It is a flag that represents the interests of a special group and their own interests, not the interests of our country.

“The idea that a man should be sexually attracted to another man is a lie, or that a woman should be attracted sexually to another woman is a lie,” Jackson concluded with disgust. “We need to burn every rainbow flag in this nation. Not we, but the LGBTQ community needs to burn it and renounce that mess and say, ‘Lord, forgive us for our sin and rebellion against you and bring us to the cross.’”

One flag symbolizes people defending slavery while the other celebrates acceptance and inclusion and love. So there’s at least that one small difference. The good news is that the rainbow flag isn’t going anywhere, but if people vote wisely, the party that would nominate someone like Jackson to the U.S. Senate will start fading away into the dustbin of history.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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