Evangelist Franklin Graham: Rainbow Flags Are “Offensive to Christians” June 11, 2019

Evangelist Franklin Graham: Rainbow Flags Are “Offensive to Christians”

When your religion is the most privileged one in the United States, supporters have to really stretch to make up stories of persecution. Evangelist Franklin Graham is one of the best when it comes to whining over nothing.

In a recent Facebook post, he argued that U.S. embassies who have surreptitiously put up rainbow flags, in defiance of government orders, are attacking people like him because the “gay pride flag is offensive to Christians.”

(Who knew a piece of cloth was all it took to destroy an entire religion?)

I want to thank President Donald J. Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for making the decision not to fly the gay flag over our embassies during June in recognition of gay pride month. That is the right decision. The only flag that should fly over our embassies is the flag of the United States of America. The gay pride flag is offensive to Christians and millions of people of other faiths, not only in this country but around the world. The U.S. flag represents our nation—everyone—regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

It hasn’t occurred to Graham that the flag symbolizes inclusion and unity. Or that some of the other nations that find the flag “offensive” are also the ones that execute gay people. He just sees a rainbow representing diversity… and his persecution allergies start acting up.

It’s telling that he finds the rainbow flag “offensive” but not children being kept in cages.

(via Joe. My. God. Image via Shutterstock)

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