Richard Land: God Blesses America By Putting Republicans in the White House June 8, 2019

Richard Land: God Blesses America By Putting Republicans in the White House

Richard Land, the president of Southern Evangelical Seminary in North Carolina, may be the guy most responsible for turning the Southern Baptists into a radically conservative political force that focused on “culture war” issues. Lately, he’s become a parody of him old self, including defending the morality of Donald Trump by pointing to the stability of his third marriage. The one that involves paying hush money to a porn star with whom he had an affair.

Anyway, that guy wants everyone to know there’s a simple way to determine if America is in his God’s good graces. He explained the test on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today”:

“I believe that Mrs. Clinton’s husband being president of the United States was a judgment of God on the United States for our immorality and for our sin, especially in the child sacrifice of millions and millions of unborn babies,” Land said. “I believe that Barack Obama was the judgment of God on the United States for continuing down the road that we had been progressing under Bill Clinton.”

“I personally believe that Donald Trump’s election shows that God has given us a narrow reprieve,” he continued, “given us a little more time to turn back to him, to turn back to the God of our fathers before he sends even more judgment upon us.”

Kyle Mantyla at Right Wing Watch summarizes: “If a Democrat is in the White House, we are under God’s judgment, but if a Republican is president, then it is a sign of God’s blessing.”

It’s just that simple.

In times of peace and prosperity, God hates us. But when He allows the nation to be taken into war under false pretenses and puts the most ignorant people in charge of everything, He loves us.

It’s hardly surprising that a man who “retired” as head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission after saying people only talked about Trayvon Martin to “gin up the black vote” for Obama in 2012 still hasn’t figured out how to keep his mouth shut when he has nothing sensible to say.

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