Catholic Priest: Women Must Cover Their Shoulders at Mass to Protect Male Purity June 4, 2019

Catholic Priest: Women Must Cover Their Shoulders at Mass to Protect Male Purity

Another day, another Catholic leader saying something idiotic on Twitter, then doubling down on it.

This time, it’s Father Kevin M. Cusick, a former Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy chaplain corps, telling women to cover up their bodies to avoid offending the delicate sensibilities of men.

Those hussies. Next thing you know, they’ll show everyone some ankle. WHO KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT?!

And forced? He was “forced” to?! By whom? What was going on during a service that everything had to stop until some woman covered up her slutty-slut-slut shoulders?

The responses, however, were excellent:

For his part, Cusick wasn’t bothered by getting ratioed and insisted he said nothing wrong.

The lesson is clear: Catholic women should just wear a burqa, or maybe full body armor, when attending Mass. Do it for Jesus.

Or perhaps women should just walk out of the Catholic Church for good. That way priests would never have to look at their naked shoulders at all.

***Update***: Cusick has responded to the backlash with this weird tweet comparing the backlash he’s receiving to… Jesus.

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