Alabama Mayor Defends Rant About the Need to “Kill” LGBTQ People and Liberals June 4, 2019

Alabama Mayor Defends Rant About the Need to “Kill” LGBTQ People and Liberals

Mark Chambers, the mayor of Carbon Hill, Alabama, said in a Facebook post that the only solution to stopping certain groups — including LGBTQ people, those who are pro-choice, and Socialists — from getting “more rights than the majority” would be “to kill the problem out. I know it’s bad to say but without killing them out there’s no way to fix it.”

When WBRC FOX6 News contacted him about those now-privatized comments, he lied about making them (which he did), then hung up on the reporter (which was dumb), then called back to say his comments were taken out of context (they weren’t), then denied saying anything about killing gay people (which he did), then said he was only talking about killing people in a revolution (sure he was), then blamed Facebook’s privacy settings for making his posts public (which they didn’t), then changed his own settings to private.

But not before the reporter grabbed screenshots.

Notice in the article that his fear is minorities getting more rights than the majority. The reality is that LGBTQ people and others just want equal treatment. But neutrality is blasphemy to people like Chambers.

The best thing about the segment is hearing Chambers say someone else made the comments, only to have reporter Brittany Dionne tell him they’re on the same Facebook page that includes pictures of his family.

Only in Alabama can a mayor threaten to kill LGBTQ people and it’s still not the worst thing elected officials have done in the past month.

The irony is that Chambers said he ran for office because he believed Carbon Hill “was not going in a positive direction.” I guess he never figured out that’s because of people like him.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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