Creationists Are Mocking Flat Earthers for Not Understanding Science June 3, 2019

Creationists Are Mocking Flat Earthers for Not Understanding Science

Talk about a complete lack of self-awareness: Creationist Ken Ham says people who think the Earth is flat are being ridiculous because they aren’t basing their beliefs in science. And if they think the Bible supports them, it’s only because they wrongly choose which verses to quote as if that tells the whole story.

Someone should introduce him to a mirror.

His hilarious rant was prompted by a new documentary in which one group of scientifically illiterate fools tells another group of scientifically illiterate fools why they’re scientifically illiterate fools.

Now, before you contact us to tell us the earth is flat, first, please watch this documentary. We’ve thoroughly researched the supposed biblical and scientific pieces of evidence presented in favor of such a (wrong) view. It simply isn’t taught in Scripture, and the science doesn’t support it (although, sadly, many Christians are being convinced by cherry-picked data that only shows part of the whole story and out of context).

If you know someone in the flat earth movement, I encourage you to share this documentary with them. And if you’re part of it, I respectfully encourage you to humbly view this film and reconsider your position.

Ham also says people now ask him if he believes in a Flat Earth “all the time!” He doesn’t seem to realize it’s because when you promote fiction as science, you’re bound to draw in an audience that’s susceptible to bad arguments and distorted facts.

When real scientists give talks, I assure you people don’t waste their time inquiring about the dumbest possible conspiracy theories. If one sneaks through, they’re roundly mocked.

It’s just not surprising that the Venn Diagram between Creationists and Flat Earthers includes a lot of overlap. When you fall for one hoax, the others quickly get within reach. (It’s not even the first time Answers in Genesis has mocked Flat Earthers — and been criticized in return — but it’s equally hilarious.)

If Ken Ham ever understands why Flat Earthers fall for something so obviously wrong, maybe then he’ll realize what the rest of us have been saying about him this whole time.

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