Podcast Ep. 272: Ark Encounter and the Exploding Irony Meter June 1, 2019

Podcast Ep. 272: Ark Encounter and the Exploding Irony Meter

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— Ark Encounter is suing its insurers because they wouldn’t cover $1 million worth of rain damage. RAIN DAMAGE! (2:07)

— A Christian moms group can’t handle a Gillette ad featuring a father helping his transgender son shave. (9:20)

— Trans activists got a monument in New York. (16:54)

— It’s not just Catholic priests. Nuns can be abusers, too. (20:15)

— The Satanic Temple says members don’t have to abide by Indiana’s fetal burial law. Because they’re a religion now. (22:57)

— There’s no sex in Heaven. Good think we’re all going to Hell. (27:00)

— A Texas church will pay for your wedding if you stop co-habitating, not realizing the problems they’re creating. (33:35)

— Research finds that anti-atheist stereotypes aren’t accurate. Who knew?! (41:55)

— A man from Arizona is allegedly stalking women at Planned Parenthood. (51:30)

— Evangelist Franklin Graham wants people to pray for Donald Trump. I don’t recall him doing that for Obama… (53:40)

— Alabama lawmakers changed the law so judges don’t have to sign off on same-sex marriages. It’s equal, but it is right? (57:34)

— Media outlets are threatening to leave Georgia over its abortion restrictions. (1:02:30)

— The University of CA won’t partner with a Catholic health care system after massive backlash. (1:12:30)

— Maine has finally banned conversion therapy. (1:15:01)

— Missouri may lose its last abortion clinic. (1:16:12)

— Illinois is on the verge of strengthening its own abortion laws and passing a major marijuana bill. (1:21:50)

— Steak. Two of them. (1:24:30)

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