This Pro-God Dry Cleaning Store in Iowa Doesn’t Like It When You Masturbate May 31, 2019

This Pro-God Dry Cleaning Store in Iowa Doesn’t Like It When You Masturbate

***Update***: After this post was published, I had a chance to speak with the owner of the dry cleaning store, who told me that he actually moved to a new location (just across the street). The old building, which is in the picture below, will soon become a different store even if the old signage is still there.

So who put up the pro-God message? It was the Christian who now owns the building. It would be wrong, then, to say the dry cleaning store did it. I apologize for my mistake!

The dry cleaning store’s actual owner, Charley Thomson, was a delight over the phone, though, and he said that he would give new customers a 20% discount if they visited the new location at 4013 Shoppers Boulevard in the next two weeks. Just mention this website! If you’re in the area, please consider giving him your business.

If you go to Google Maps, the sign outside Prestige Quality Dry Cleaning in Waterloo, Iowa just has an advertisement for its services.

But yesterday, when reader Sean was driving past it, he learned something new.

Gods Love 🙂
Self love 🙁

Dare I ask why a dry cleaning store wants everyone to stop with the self love…?

Wait. I answered my own question. And now I never want to open up a dry cleaning store.

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