Christian Moms Group Slams Gillette for Showing “a Transgender” in Shaving Ad May 31, 2019

Christian Moms Group Slams Gillette for Showing “a Transgender” in Shaving Ad

Nothing makes the evangelical Christian group One Million Moms (Twitter count: 3,668) more upset than ads featuring teenage lesbians who aren’t ashamed of their own identities and transgender people merely existing.

OMM’s director Monica Cole is simply apoplectic over a new Gillette “Father’s Day” commercial in which a dad teaches his trans son how to shave.

This is portrayed as a normal occurrence and embraces the LGBTQ community by glorifying this lifestyle. The irony with their tagline, “The Best A Man Can Get,” is ridiculous. It’s called Father’s Day not trans day.

Every day is trans day, Monica.

That’s not the only ad she has a problem with. In a separate, month-old, 15-second commercial for Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo, a girl is seen confidently entering her school’s prom and putting a corsage on her date’s suit. Then they kiss. And this is all very scandalous because her date’s a girl.

The lesbian commercial has aired during a Major League Baseball game on MLB TV when children are likely watching. During the game between the Detroit Tigers and the Miami Marlins, the ad aired twice in case families missed it the first time.

Thanks P&G, now parents have to explain this twisted scene to their confused children!

“Twisted scene”? It’s a school dance. If that confuses you… then you’ve never attended school.

Both Gillette and Head & Shoulders are owned by the conglomerate Procter & Gamble, so that company is the target of Cole’s fury. She calls on readers to sign a petition that just comes off as a giant joke:

It is clear now who P&G supports. These commercials promoting the LGBTQ agenda ultimately push conservatives to P&G’s competitors.

P&G supports… customers? I don’t get the complaint. And conservatives with dandruff are free to shop around for hair products, though nothing’s ever going to remove the stain on their souls.

I am extremely disappointed P&G would honor fathers by using a transgender to sell your products on Father’s Day. Offensive ads cause customers to lose respect for a company, and complaints should not be taken lightly… I urge P&G to put a stop to inappropriate marketing campaigns and remove both the Head & Shoulders prom ad and the Gillette “Father’s Day” ad immediately. I will not purchase any P&G products until these commercials are canceled.

“Using a transgender”? Are they just things now?

At least we can appreciate the inadvertent self-own at the end: I will not buy your shampoo to get rid of my itchy itchy dandruff until you stop acting like LGBTQ people are real!

Considering P&G also owns soap, laundry detergent, and feminine hygiene products, we’re all better off just avoiding all three of those One Million Moms for the next few weeks.

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