It’s Not a Miracle That a Bible Survived an Indiana Storm That Destroyed a House May 29, 2019

It’s Not a Miracle That a Bible Survived an Indiana Storm That Destroyed a House

Another devastating natural disaster.

Another pathetic story about how everything was destroyed except for a Bible.

A northern Indiana family lost their home in Monday evening’s storms, but a Bible remained nearly unscathed.

Just like everything else in the home, some of it blown a half-mile or more away from the now-bare foundation.

But back on the porch sat a few toys, a picture frame and a Bible, virtually unscathed by the storm.

I see a water gun there, too. It doesn’t mean we should avoid gun control laws…

The obvious point, of course, is that this is hardly a sign from God. Even if you’re foolish enough to believe God controls the weather, He destroyed this family’s house. Are we all forgetting that? When someone destroys your home and leaves a business card, you don’t call back.

This family could have bought a new Bible. It’ll take a lot more to rebuild the lives that their God supposedly destroyed.

More importantly, it’s trashy journalism for any news outlet that treats this story as if it’s good news in troubling times. Reporters at WTHR pretending this is news should at least follow up these stories by interviewing all the commenters saying this is a “miracle” and asking if they’d be willing to trade their homes for a book that’s a dime-a-dozen. Or at least find out what they think it would mean if a stack of dirty magazines was the only thing left behind after a natural disaster. Dig deeper.

(Thanks to Chris for the link)

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