To Spite Gay Couples, AL Legislators Vote to Remove State from All Weddings May 27, 2019

To Spite Gay Couples, AL Legislators Vote to Remove State from All Weddings

In what can best be described as a tantrum of biblical proportions, Republicans in the Alabama legislature have passed a bill to make all weddings meaningless in the eyes of the state. Because if gay people can have state-sanctioned marriages, then no one can. All that’s left is the governor’s signature.

There’s no longer a requirement for a marriage ceremony — which means judges will no longer have to “sign off” on a marriage. All couples have to do from now on is fill out the appropriate paperwork, pay the recording fee (not a marriage license fee), and the probate judge’s office will simply record the agreement between both people.

Christians in Alabama have chosen to take all the love out of the process.

Many Alabama probate judges found officiating at same-sex marriage ceremonies morally repugnant and an affront to God’s law. They no longer have to officiate any wedding ceremonies as part of their job.

State Rep. David Faulkner, R-Mountain Brook, said, “We were taking the politics out of it. All the state would have to do is issue the certificate.”

Sen. [Greg] Albritton said, “This brings Alabama in conformity with federal law. The state law right now is not in conformity with Obergefell.”

Only in Alabama would a requirement for equal treatment become a race to the bottom. Instead of giving gay couples access to the same wedding procedures as straight couples, legislators have decided to sanitize the entire process for straight couples.

On one hand, this does away with the problem of county clerks refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, resulting in expensive lawsuits and a colossal waste of time. (Even Kim Davis would love this new arrangement.) But this is also an extremely childish response to an issue that really doesn’t affect anyone except the two people wishing to get married. Lawmakers would sooner shoot themselves in the foot than swallow their pride and allow social progress.

Ironically, it wasn’t the godless liberals who destroyed marriage in Alabama. The conservatives did it all on their own.

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