New Zealand Church Couple Who Blamed Earthquakes on Gays Launch Political Party May 24, 2019

New Zealand Church Couple Who Blamed Earthquakes on Gays Launch Political Party

In New Zealand, Destiny Church Pastor Brian Tamaki is infamous for his prosperity gospel preaching. He loves getting money and bragging about it. In 2014, Tamaki and his wife Hannah used church funds to buy themselves an Audi Q7 (worth about $78,000 U.S. dollars). Later that year, they were in the news for throwing cash onto the church stage like they had won the lottery. In 2015, they broadcast their extravagant vacations for the world to see. In 2016, they blamed earthquakes on gay people and murderers.

And in 2017, their church lost its tax-exempt status for failing to file annual tax returns.

Naturally, the Tamakis are looking for a new way to get notoriety.

Now they’ve found it. On Thursday, the Tamakis announced that they were launching a new political party called Coalition New Zealand in an effort to get Hannah Tamaki elected to parliament next year.

The potential of the legalisation of marijuana, euthanasia and late-term abortion worried her and were issues from the wider political climate that spurred on the decision to launch a new party.

“I am fed up with the level of censorship growing around the issues that face our nation. The persecution that comes with daring to have an opinion or view that does not fit the leftist agenda.”

Child poverty reduction, housing and the level of Māori incarceration were also key concerns.

Hannah said she would like to see abortion made illegal in New Zealand as she is “pro-life”.

Quizzed on her feelings on gay people, she said she had many gay family members that she supported.

She’s confusing censorship with criticism for her despicable ideas. Her husband isn’t doing her any favors, either.

Brian has courted controversy for much of the last two decades, but came under fire earlier this year for his tweets after his ManUp prison rehabilitation programme was shunned for Government funding.

Among his tweets, he criticised Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Finance Minister Grant Robertson and Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis for “political gang-rape” and threatend revolts in prisons.

Newshub revealed last week that the latter tweet led to Department of Corrections staff being advised to be vigilant about escalated tension.

Brian also criticised Ardern for allowing the Muslim Call to Prayer to be broadcast in the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque attacks, as well as the urgent gun law reforms.

Listen, New Zealand, my country is currently being run by the U.S. version of the Tamakis and it’s a nightmare. You have the opportunity to avoid our fate. Stay smart. Keep these people out of office and in their Christian bubbles where they belong. They don’t need to infest the rest of your country.

At least some people are already beating the Tamakis at their own game, knowing they’re not particularly smart.

Just take a look at the websites and and and


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