Tosh.0 Joked Around With the Mormon BYU Valedictorian Who Came Out as Gay May 23, 2019

Tosh.0 Joked Around With the Mormon BYU Valedictorian Who Came Out as Gay

Last month, Brigham Young University student Matt Easton came out as gay during his valedictorian speech at graduation. No doubt it was a courageous act, but it’s still disturbing that the rules of the Mormon Church say he’s not allowed to act on his sexual orientation or be in a same-sex marriage if he wants to remain within the fold.

At least he’s having fun with the notoriety. On Tuesday, he appeared on Tosh.0 for a segment with host Daniel Tosh. For the most part, it’s was just a chance for Tosh to joke around while asking a bunch of personal questions at the expense of Mormonism (“Do you hope, one day, to have a lot of husbands?”), but Easton also comes off as a good sport about all of this.

Easton is joking (or playing along) throughout the sketch, but his responses suggest that he knows that at least some of the Mormon Church’s position are indefensible. At some point, assuming he’d like to be in a relationship, he’ll have to decide whether it’s more important to commit to another man or commit to the religion.

The decision seems obvious to me. And when one of the brightest BYU graduates walks away from the Church, what message will that send to the people who remain inside?

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