Pastor Credits God “100%” for Kidnapped Girl’s Rescue (Despite Tipster’s Help) May 23, 2019

Pastor Credits God “100%” for Kidnapped Girl’s Rescue (Despite Tipster’s Help)

On Saturday night, a man in Fort Worth, Texas kidnapped an 8-year-old girl while she was walking with her mother. (There was a struggle, but the mother couldn’t stop him.) Almost immediately, a search began to find the missing girl, with the make and model of the car, a grey Ford Five Hundred, being one of the only pieces of evidence available.

One of the people who took part in that rescue effort was Bear Creek Bible Church Pastor Jeff King, who knew the girl’s parents from when they were all younger. And wouldn’t you know it, he ended up with a huge assist in her rescue.

Kidnapper Michael Webb

[King] and a friend started canvassing Fort Worth looking for the suspect’s car. They searched until after midnight when they got a tip from someone that they should check out a hotel in Forest Hill. When they arrived they found nothing but they then drove by the Wood Springs Suites hotel nearby and pulled into the parking lot.

“We started looking at different cars like they were suggesting. We saw one car and were like, ‘It’s got to be this car.'” King said.

They called police, the police found the girl in that hotel, she was safe, and the kidnapper was arrested.

Now, of course, the pastor is attributing the rescue to divine intervention:

“God literally led us to this place. It was not on my itinerary, we were not trying to go there, we just drove by. It was divine intervention, 100 percent,” King said.

Really? God literally led them there? 100% divine intervention? It’s not like they were just wandering the roads; they admitted they received a tip. Unless God was calling him up, maybe the tipster deserves at least a bit of that credit.

Even as an Episcopalian, I also can’t help wondering: Why would God intervene to save this girl, but not all abducted children, whose stories may have tragic endings? And why not intervene to prevent the kidnapping in the first place?

King surely means well, but what happened isn’t proof of divine intervention. It’s like a patient thanking God after recovering from surgery instead of the doctors and nurses who did the operation. It’s proof that some people will always credit God for good fortune while ignoring the people who actually made it possible.

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