These People Are Not Worried About the Impending Homo Sapiens Extinction May 18, 2019

These People Are Not Worried About the Impending Homo Sapiens Extinction

In case your optimism for humanity hasn’t been dashed enough, comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has evidence that people are especially ignorant about… themselves.

His producers recently asked people on the street if they’re concerned about “homo sapiens extinction” (due to climate change). Too many said no. Some, thankfully, said yes, but for all the wrong reasons…

When those are the responses, our species deserves what’s coming…

That said, I was worried the segment would go a different way. I honestly expected people to hear “homo,” assume it meant homosexuals, and then say they didn’t care if they went extinct. Good thing the show is taped in Los Angeles.

Thrillist notes that the segment comes alongside a major report finding humans are driving the extinctions of more species than we ever knew.

As many as one million species on this planet are in danger of going extinct. In large part due to climate change and other ways humans have decimated habitats, the extinctions are taking place at an “unprecedented” rate. Those were the conclusions of a 1,500-page United Nations report put together by hundreds of experts across the globe and based on thousands of studies. The New York Times called it “the most exhaustive look yet at the decline of biodiversity across the globe.”

All the more reason to educate people about science and our impact on biodiversity.

And maybe a Latin word or two.

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