Christian Bigot: Pete Buttigieg Can’t Be President Because Gay People Die Young May 18, 2019

Christian Bigot: Pete Buttigieg Can’t Be President Because Gay People Die Young

Dr. Don Boys (below), a former Indiana legislator who thinks homosexuality is a crime worth a twelve-year jail sentence and who believes it’s not really rape unless the victim screams, would like everyone to know that Pete Buttigieg would not make a good president.

Why not? Because he might die in office.

Why? Because he’s gay.

All homosexuals are aware that their lifespan is about 20 years less than for normal people so voters should know that a homosexual president may not live to finish his term. Moreover, 70% of homosexuals admit to having at least one STD plus they are infected with other contagious diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc. About 20% of homosexual men are infected with HIV and about half of them do now know it. Don’t voters have a right, even an obligation, to know a candidate’s health status since the candidate’s health is always an issue? Is a homosexual candidate an exception? If so, why?

Will he release his complete medical records?

His bigotry isn’t worthy of a response, but it should be noted that Donald Trump never released his proper medical records. And this guy was his doctor.

The rest of the article is no better, with Boys arguing that we should know everything about Buttigieg’s sex life, because gay men are into promiscuity, coprophilia, fisting, BDSM, and more. (Straight people, including Christians, are apparently all missionary, all the time.)

Boys doesn’t bring up how Donald Trump had an affair with a porn star (without protection) after the birth of his fifth child with his third wife.

This is conservative Christian “logic” for you. A gay guy in a monogamous marriage is somehow a threat to family values, but President Pussygrabber is somehow a man of virtue.

(via Joe. My. God. Screenshot via YouTube)

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