Even Tomi Lahren Gets That the Alabama Abortion Ban Will Ultimately Hurt Women May 17, 2019

Even Tomi Lahren Gets That the Alabama Abortion Ban Will Ultimately Hurt Women

The apocalypse must be upon us.

First Pat Robertson said the Alabama abortion ban had gone too far. Now FOX News’ Tomi Lahren has chimed in with a similar dose of common sense. (It had to happen at some point.)

She’s… not wrong. (Wow, it feels weird typing that.)

All facts point to how a “pro-life” world — the kind conservatives want, not an actual pro-life world in which every child has equal opportunity to be fed, educated, and loved — has a lot of dead women in it. Furthermore, we know from history that banning abortion is never as effective as fixing the reasons that drive women to seek them in the first place: a lack of comprehensive sex education, a lack of affordable healthcare, a lack of paid maternity leave, a lack of resources to raise a child properly, and more. (I’m starting to feel like a broken record.)

This actually isn’t the first time that Lahren has said something sensible about abortion (and received pushback from the Right). In fact, she lost her job at Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze in 2017 when she admitted to being pro-choice… at least in the sense that she believed the government should stay out of a woman’s healthcare decisions.

It’s sad that we need to celebrate whenever a prominent conservative says something sensible, but it happens so rarely among the FOX News crowd that we almost have to give Lahren credit for echoing what progressives have been saying for years. Maybe some of those legislators will actually listen to her. They can’t ignore every woman, right?

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