All 25 White Male GOP Senators Who Voted for the AL Abortion Ban Are Christian May 16, 2019

All 25 White Male GOP Senators Who Voted for the AL Abortion Ban Are Christian

In the 35-seat Alabama State Senate, there are 27 Republicans. 25 of them voted for the extreme anti-abortion bill, now signed into law, that will inevitably kill women. All of them are white men.

But this seems worth mentioning, too: Every single one of them is Christian.

I assumed as much, but I double-checked anyway. It wasn’t hard to find a connection.

Del Marsh: Episcopalian
Greg Reed: Christian
J. T. Waggoner: Church of Christ
Arthur Orr: Christian
Greg Albritton: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Tim Melson: Christian
Tom Butler: Baptist
Garlan Gudger: Christian
Larry Stutts: Christian
Sam Givhan: Baptist
Steve Livingston: Methodist
Clay Scofield: Church of Christ

Andrew Jones: Christian
Jim McClendon: Methodist
Randy Price: Methodist
Cam Ward: Baptist
Dan Roberts: Presbyterian
Shay Shelnutt: Methodist
Gerald Allen: Baptist
Will Barfoot: Christian
Jack W. Williams: Christian
Donnie Chesteen: Baptist
Clyde Chambliss: Christian
David Sessions: Baptist
Chris Elliott: Episcopalian

In short: 25 white Christian Republican men voted to control the bodies of women across the state. Mostly poor women. Many of whom are black women. Their white Christian Republican governor (a woman) signed the bill into law, invoking God in the process.

This isn’t about health care. This was never about health care.

This has always been about forcing a conservative Christian agenda upon every woman in the state.

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