Man Who Sells Alternative “Medicine” Insists He Saw Jesus When He Died May 15, 2019

Man Who Sells Alternative “Medicine” Insists He Saw Jesus When He Died

Mike King, a businessman from Decatur, Illinois, would like you to know he saw Jesus when he died.

And if you thinking, “But he didn’t die. He’s telling us about the experience. He’s alive,” well… you have more common sense than Mike King.

“It was real and it was not a dream,” said Mari Mann Herb Company owner Mike King. “I died. I’ve been to heaven. I saw God. I know what it’s all about.”

King became critically ill after developing toxic shock after a dental procedure. He was in the emergency room of a Champaign hospital when he believes he passed away.

He says he saw a bright light at the end of a tunnel, and then there was Jesus. King couldn’t touch Jesus but Jesus made one request: Help others heal.

He was eventually told he had to return to earth to help others heal. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“Your soul is eternal. I have total confidence in all that. I’m not afraid to ever die,” King said.

King sells supplements and “natural” remedies. So helping people heal isn’t actually his strong suit. There’s a reason it’s called “alternative medicine” and not “medicine.” But kudos to him for finding an easy way to get free ad time for his store on local television.

Also creepy is the way his interview ends with a weird little laugh:

… and if you want to think I’m crazy, or think that everything I said is wrong and dumb and bad, that’s okay. You’ll find out. I guarantee it. Hahahahahaha.

Totally normal behavior. King is just a totally normal guy who died and saw Jesus and returned and is hilariously threatening his doubters with hellfire while he goes back to his day job of selling herbs and talking about the female libido.

(Screenshot via WAND. Thanks to Julie for the link)

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