Texas Preacher: Atheists Defending the Constitution Should “Go Suck a Tailpipe” May 14, 2019

Texas Preacher: Atheists Defending the Constitution Should “Go Suck a Tailpipe”

In what I guess passes for Christian humor these days, a pastor told atheists to “go suck a tailpipe” in response to them pointing out a local violation of the Establishment Clause.

It comes in response to the San Jacinto County Courthouse in Texas lighting up the Christian crosses in the windows. The Freedom From Religion Foundation had pointed out how those crosses are illegal, and Christians in the area insist that promoting their religion — and only their religion — is somehow constitutional.

FOX News Radio host Todd Starnes delighted at the remark during his show yesterday. He was praising San Jacinto County Republican Party Chairman Dwayne Wright for pushing back against the Constitution when he noted another response in the area (around the 4:35 mark).

STARNES: … Terry Holcomb is a preacher there… and he addressed the town meeting there. He told the Freedom From Religion Foundation to go suck a tailpipe. I like that preacher.

WRIGHT: [Laughs] Absolutely

For those not familiar with the phrase, sucking a tailpipe is a euphemism for killing yourself.

So the Christian response to people calling for religious neutrality instead of Christian supremacy is to promote violence. Sounds about right.

There’s no word yet on whether FFRF will file a lawsuit in part because it would require a local plaintiff who’s willing to deal with all the harassment from Christians. When they’re laughing at the idea of killing an atheist, who knows what would happen if one actually sued over the matter?

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