Gayle Jordan Helps People Navigate the World After God’s Out of the Picture May 13, 2019

Gayle Jordan Helps People Navigate the World After God’s Out of the Picture

Gayle Jordan is the executive director of Recovering from Religion as well as a two-time Democratic candidate for a State Senate seat in a very red part of Tennessee. (Alas, she didn’t win.)

In the second part of her interview with Seth Andrews — you can see the first part here — she talks about her work helping people walk away from faith because she knows it’s so hard to do. Her group doesn’t try to “deconvert” anyone; rather, they help people navigate the journey after they’ve already stopped believing in God.

If you’re not familiar, Recovering From Religion has a 24/7 online chat service for anyone seeking help (just click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of their website), and they also take phone calls. Their Secular Therapy Project helps people find counselors who don’t rely on religion to help clients through difficult times. And they have an in-person excursion taking place in North Carolina this September that seems incredible.

Those are the kinds of resources that would’ve been invaluable to me growing up — especially being able to talk through my religious doubts with someone already comfortable with the subject who’s not trying to pressure me one way or the other. If you’re struggling with doubt, no doubt you’ll appreciate their free services too.

(via TheThinkingAtheist)

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