Christian Hate-Preacher: “God’s Gonna Punish These Countries” Banning Me May 13, 2019

Christian Hate-Preacher: “God’s Gonna Punish These Countries” Banning Me

Christian hate-preacher Steven Anderson of Arizona’s (independent fundamentalist) Faithful Word Baptist Church, fresh off of being banned from Ireland, said in a video posted this afternoon that God would smite every nation that bans him from spreading bigotry.

… I was just banned from Ireland yesterday. So this is now the 32nd country that I am banned from, so I on a roll this month!… I feel great… These people [in other countries] should get mad at their wicked government because I had every intention to go over there and win souls and preach…

God’s gonna punish these countries. I mean, here they are, rejecting God’s Word, going [down] a path of wickedness

If it’s just a few preachers that actually have the guts to preach against sin, and to rip on the homos and everything else, well then, they’ll just paint us as a few radicals and extremists, but if thousands of independent Baptists would actually get some hair on their legs, and preach hard and quit being so scared and hiding under the bed, and every time they preach a hard sermon, they won’t even put it online… well then, we would actually keep our freedom in this country.

I hope to get banned from many more countries

Anderson also promoted a “Make America Straight Again” conference. Because of course he did.

He said in a separate video that the “soul-winning” events in Europe would still be going on as scheduled. He just won’t be there to witness them.

… I just wanted to emphasize to you that all three events in Europe are still going on. Nothing has changed except the fact that I’m not personally going to be there, because I’ve now been banned from all three countries where these events are going to take place

I know it can be discouraging living over in Europe where the spiritual darkness is real

Note that the places he says have “spiritual darkness” are the ones where people are free to choose their own beliefs and where atheism isn’t treated as an abnormality. (Does he think Saudi Arabia has spiritual darkness, too, I wonder?)

Anderson promised to send hundreds of dollars worth of his sermons to anyone who completed the “triple crown” and attended all three scheduled events in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Ireland.

It’s the rare prize given to someone who wins and loses at the same time.

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