This Polish Film About Pedophile Priests in the Catholic Church is Unforgettable May 12, 2019

This Polish Film About Pedophile Priests in the Catholic Church is Unforgettable

A Polish-language, independent documentary about the Catholic Church’s pedophilia problem has just been posted on YouTube (with English captions if you turn them on).

Tomasz Sekielski‘s film is called Do Not Tell Anyone and it gets your attention immediately. Within the first ten minutes, we hear a woman talk about how a priest sexually abused her when she was a child… and then we watch her confront him in real time. (A hidden camera captures the entire confrontation. She even says to him, “Father, you masturbated yourself with my hands.”) Armed with the tape of his confession, she then goes to the local bishop to report the abuser.

That’s just the beginning.

In another scene, a pedophile priest who has been banned from having contact with children is found to be preaching right in front of kids. The filmmakers confront him, too.

The movie already has millions of views after just one day. Block out a couple of hours, turn on the subtitles, and watch this as soon as you can. Polish citizens who remain in the Catholic Church after watching this will have to answer for themselves how they could support such a corrupt organization.

(Thanks to Mijau for the link)

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